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“ASPRA Tech Center is more than just a training school.

Our relationship with the local manufacturing community goes beyond training. They also know us as a trusted source for quality CNC machining work, prototype engineering and on-time delivery.

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out what people are saying about ASPRA Tech Center. Find out why students like you and company employees from all over Ohio make the effort to attend ASPRA Tech Center. Find out why our unique approach to CNC training works.

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Due to explosion in training opportunities, we’re seeking applicants for the position of instructors.

Job Placement

Future Students… ASPRA Tech Center /Learning Center offers job placement assistance. A reasonable effort will be made to assist the student in securing employment upon completion.

HR Directors… Are you wasting time and money searching for suitable employees? See how ASPRA Tech Center can assist you in finding the right CNC professional for your company with our Job Placement Service, and pre employment evaluation tests. Call us at 216-459-9292 or email bhicar@aspraind.com

Pre-Hire Testing

MANUFACTURING HR PROFESSIONALS! Save yourself from expensive hiring mistakes by utilizing ASPRA Tech Center Pre-Hire Testing Services. Job candidates never exaggerate their capabilities, right? Are you taking their word for it or do you want to find out for sure? At ASPRA Tech Center we have been formulating training plans, tests and shop evaluations for new and incumbent employees for over 23 years.