Job Placement

Future Student Placement Services

ASPRA Tech Center/Learning Center offers job placement assistance. A reasonable effort will be made to assist the student in securing employment upon completion. ASPRA Tech Center/Learning Center cannot guarantee placement.

Successful placement will depend, to great extent, on the student’s academic and attendance records.

The placement assistance of the school will include, but not be limited to:

  1. An employment orientation prior to graduation. This orientation will provide the essential information relating to job interviews with emphasis on attitude, appearance, and attendance.
  2. Assistance with applications and employment forms.
  3. Assistance with preparation of resume and letters of recommendation.
  4. Preparation of transcripts.
  5. Efforts to arrange interviews with prospective employers.
  6. Contact with employers to promote graduates.

While the above services are maintained primarily for current graduates, ASPRA Tech Center/Learning Center may provide assistance to alumni at no additional cost.

Company Placement Services

Why are you paying thousands of dollars to temp agencies every year? ASPRA Tech Center speaks your language… the language of manufacturing. We are in the same business as you and we know what you seek in a candidate. ASPRA Tech Center has provided quality trained CNC operators and set up personnel to local companies for 20 years. Our job placement service can deliver freshly trained candidates to your organization for entry level and mid level positions.

Many of our students come to us with previous manufacturing experience but simply require an upgrade in more up-to-date processes and technology. Employers can come in and look over our tests, examine the parts our students have made, review the job documentation we require for their setups. You can interview candidates at the school or individually. We provide resumes, grade and attendance records, and progress reports on all candidates.

Please contact us for more information: